Collect Figure Drawing Examples

You will face challenges when learning how to draw figures. One challenge will be to find ways to expand your repertoire of techniques, and to find new, interesting and satisfying ways of approaching your drawing. Another challenge is to maintain interest – to keep your level of interest and enthusiasm high so that you continue practising.

One way you can help to meet these challenges is to seek out and review the figure drawing of other artists. Their displayed work is likely to be their best, and gives you an opportunity to see the results of their training, their practice and their approach to drawing.

A simple way to do this is to use a search engine such as Google, using the option to search for images, looking for terms such as “figure drawing” or “life drawing”. Just scroll and page through the returned results to see hundreds of examples of other artists’ work.

As you look at these drawings, select the ones you like. Work out why you like the picture – is it the lighting, the style, the use of materials, the line, the tone. Think about how you could try out a similar approach yourself. You might take a copy of the site’s address (url), or bookmark the page so that you can return to it later. Or you could make some brief notes on why you like that picture to help you think through and record your impressions.

I’ve included thumbnail pictures of five drawings selected from doing just such a search, and why I like them. Please click on the pictures to see the orginal sites and the drawings.

I liked the way this drawing has captured the action of the pose, the bold lines, and the speed of drawing

I like the gesture of the pose, the vibrant colours – quickly captured.

I like the contrast in colour, the strength of the lines and the fact the artist has captured the face and hands, the bits other artists sometimes leave.

I like the way contrast has been used to make the drawing clear and bold

I like use of colour, contrast, and the sparse thin lines. Good blog post too, about enjoying your drawing.